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LP Endurance Club KW
est. 2021

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The Club Launched in March 2021 with the goal of giving Triathletes, Runners and Cyclists of all ability levels the structure, community, education and mentors they needed to reach their audacious goals. Our goal is to help these athletes integrate sporting excellence into their busy work and family lives.

What can club members expect?

  • Year round STRUCTURED TRAINING with Foundation, Base, Build and Race specific seasons to help athletes peak for their goal events during the year. We offer our athletes cycling, running, swimming and strength workouts. 

  • COMMUNITY  of likeminded individuals that hold each other accountable and push each other to be better every day. 

  • GROUP WORKOUTS offered both in person 5x per week (Bike & Run) and on zwift in the winter months. A great chance to meet likeminded individuals from a wide variety of occupations.

  • EDUCATIONAL content and workshops year round on areas like nutrition, endurance training, strength training, recovery, mental fortitude and many more!

  • COACHING & SUPPORT from a large group of knowledgeable coaches and athletes who have navigated all the struggles of endurance sport and want to help you succeed!

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